Cricket Bowling Machine

The JUGS Cricket Machine is the most widely used bowling machine in the world.

The JUGS Cricket Bowling machine is utilised worldwide in such places as Australia, India, South Africa, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, The United Kingdom, Canada and the United States.It simulates both left and right-handed bowlers.

Its patented “gooseneck” design provides full range of movement to adjust for all types of deliveries including fast risers, in-swing, out-swing, and slow-spins.

Using the JUGS Bowling machine, you can ensure quality bowling throughout your practice session.

  • Improve individual players existing strengths and assist over come weaknesses.
  • Make practice more specific and interesting.

Taking catches and saving runs is an essential part of the game of cricket. You can take advantage of the Jugs machines unique swivel-base design which   provides 360% movement thus giving you the opportunity to set-up realistic match condition fielding drills.

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‘PERFECT’ Practice Makes Perfect!

With Jugs superior ability to bowl very accurate line and length, the bats-man has the opportunity to repeat the correct skills many times over which is a major contributing factor of success.

Why JUGS Cricket Machine is the most widely used bowling machine in the world.

  1. Simulates All Delivery Types: Outswing, inswing, fast rising deliveries, slow spin and more.
  2. Quick and Easy Adjustments for speed and line and length
  3. Suitable for All Age Groups from Juniors to Test cricketers!
  4. Portable and Easy to Move: Fits in to the boot of a car. Convenient 240 volt/extension lead or generator
  5. Easy Set-up
  6. New Improved Safe Feeding Chute. Guides the ball to contact tyres in the correct position ensuring accuracy.
  7. Robust Construction. Guaranteed to outlast any other bowling machine.

Compare the Facts

Speed Range

32 – 167kph

Recommended Age

12 to Adult

Speed Adjustments

Independent Dial Settings

Power Source

240V or Yamaha EF1000iS Generator

Automatic Feeder Option



(2) 1/4 HP

360 Degree Swivel


Bowling and Delivery Types

JUGS can simulate all delivery types! See for yourself in our demonstration videos below.






Guaranteed to outlast any other bowling machine, the JUGS Cricket Bowling Machine comes with a 5 year guarantee.

Proudly Used By

  • Australian Institute of Sport
  • State Institutes of Sport
  • International and State Players
  • All Levels of Grade and District Associations
  • Junior Cricket Associations
  • Individuals (home use)
  • Universities, Colleges, Public and Private Schools
  • Indoor Cricket Centres throughout Australia

Unique Features


Support and FAQs

Need some assistance with your JUGS machine? Search our FAQs for commonly asked questions.

Cricket Machine Instructions     Owner Manuals


Official JUGS Practice Balls

The JUGS Balls are uniform in hardness guaranteeing consistency of delivery and because of the dimples will react through the air like a seam ball.

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